Perfect Skin Is Possible

//Perfect Skin Is Possible

Perfect Skin Is Possible

HyperpigmentationSummer is drawing to an end, and many Americans have been basking in the sun’s glow all summer long, achieving that beautiful, golden brown tan. For some of us, the sun has given us more than just a bronzed body; it has left us with an uneven tone skin! Blotchy, brown marks on our face, chest, hands and arms can be distressing and unattractive. As we head into the fall, this is the perfect time to think about improving those brown marks, whether it’s hyperpigmentation or melasma.

What exactly are Hyperpigmentation and Melasma?

EUCERIN-SC-Uneven-skin-hyperpigmentation-in-general-06Hyperpigmentation:  This is defined by an increase of melanin (color) in the skin due to exposure to light, medication, trauma and irritation. Damaged skin, which can result in hyperpigmentation, doesn’t happen overnight. A day at the beach or pool doesn’t result in a face/body full of freckles and brown spots the next day. Damage to our skin starts the day we are born, and the damage is cumulative. Every time we step outside, we are exposing our skin to UVA/UVB rays, which can after time, cause hyperpigmentation. The damage affects different layers of the skin, and over time, we start to see more and more damage becoming more visible to the naked eye. It may seem like we suddenly woke up with damaged skin, but the truth is that it has taken us 30+ years to create it.

Melasma: You may or may not have heard of Melasma, but Melasma is a specific form of hyperpigmentation. Melasma is also known in the medical community as the “Pregnancy Mask.” The reason for this is that many women will experience this form of hyperpigmentation on their face due to themelasma-face-photos increase of the hormones while being pregnant. For some women, the hyperpigmentation or melasma will disappear once they give birth, and for others, treatment is required for any improvement. Melasma can happen anytime there is a change in hormones, whether it is from being pregnant or taking birth control pills.

What’s the solution:  At Summerlin Center for Wellness, we offer an array of treatments for hyperpigmentation and melasma. We offer state-of-the-art light and laser treatments that include the Lumenis One IPL and the Spectra Q-Switched Yag laser. The Lumenis One IPL (IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light) is a broad-spectrum light treatment, using different filters to target red and brown discoloration, leaving non-discolored skin unaffected. With the Lumenis One IPL, treatments are spaced every 4-6 weeks apart. The Spectra Q-Switched YAG is a laser, which sends a high intensity beam of light to the targeted (pigmented) area. Without damaging the healthy, surrounding skin, the Spectra targets any excessive pigment, fragments it, with the body slowly reabsorbing the remnants over a 4-week period. This process is repeated a number of times, based on the severity of the hyperpigmentation. The Spectra treatment requires little to no downtime, and is performed every 2-4-6 weeks.

Sun DamageThe staff at Summerlin Center for Wellness is happy to customize a treatment plan that will address and correct your hyperpigmentation concern(s), helping you to achieve a glowing and even skin tone. Call us today to book your consultation 702-796-7546. Life is too short not to love the skin you are in!


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